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Pig Porcelain Butcher Figurine Chart Statue

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Phrenology - Butcher Pig Country Porcelain Figurine Chart Statue

A Phrenology Pig or bust is a table-top representation of an Animal showing attributes supposedly associated with various areas of the body according to phrenology, a pseudoscience. Introduced by Austrian physician Franz Joseph Gall in the 1790s, phrenology was a system by which it was thought character traits could by determined through study of bumps on animal parts

A 19th century revival of interest in phrenology led to the manufacture of illustrated ceramic, plaster and metal parts used to study certain types of behavior by associating them with delineated areas on the Pigs

Item specifics:

Subject: Phrenology 

Height(Inches): 5.5            Length(Inches): 9                Width(Inches): 4

Style: -                            Size: -                               Color: -

Listed By: Dealer           Originality:Unknown          Features:Collection/Study   


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