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Pillsbury Doughboy Bank Limited Edition TPC-1998 Coin Bank

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A wonderful reproduction of an American cast iron mechanical toy coin bank that showcases the skill ingenuity, craftsmanship of the late 1990s.

This well made functioning mechanical bank works by placing the coin in the hand of the Pillbury Doughboy then pulling the lever.
Once the lever is pulled, the Pillsbury Doughboy will push the coin in the slot in a "bowling" manner.

As you can see in the pictures in raised letters on one side it says "PILLSBURY COOKIES", "HOT & FRESH IN MINUTES"
Not only does this look like an original it was made like one with quality metal and attention to detail.

7" Length
2" Wide
6" Tall

Condition: New
Recommended Age Range: 13+
Condition Type: New
Material: Cast Iron
Handling: Usually ships in one business day ( Same day ordered before 4pm ET)

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