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Winged Victorian Women Life Size Statues

  • 10,00000

ATTENTION: Before buying please contact us (see our "get in touch" section at the bottom of the page) to arrange shipping / pickup. Pickup is the prefered method, though we will ship, at extra cost, to anywhere on the east coast. For all other shipping, an outside shipping service must be arranged.

Beautiful cast iron winged women. These come as a set of four, each with their own base. The weight of each statue is aprox. 1000lbs. and each base wieghs aprox. 400lbs. The women are beautifully detailed and the bases have a unique and beautiful design on each side. The statues measure a total of 8 feet tall, and the base is 2 foot wide by 2 foot wide. Very heavy set, vintage at least 20 years old or older.

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